Electronics and Communication

Dr. K. N. Pavithran

Dean, PRS College of Engineering & Technology, Trivandrum
Adjuct Faculty, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, TVM
Rtd. Executive Director, National Institute of Speech & Hearing, TVM
Rtd. Professor of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, TVM

Electronics and Communication Engineering students are trained to design, fabricate, maintain and manufacture electronic equipments used in entertainment media, hospitals, computer industry, communication and in defence. The students are given training by expert hands to enable them to meet the requirements of the industry.

Periodic lectures by experts help the students to gain insight into latest technological developments. All efforts are taken to make the department centre of excellence and to adapt itself to the rapid advancements in this specialized field.

The Association of the department, ‘NEMESIZ’, conducts Symposia, Technical contests and Conferences. These events also provide a platform for students to expose themselves to the industry keeping pace with its advancements.

The labs are equipped with the most advanced instruments such as Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Programmable Function Generators, Microprocessor/ Microcontroller Assembler based kits etc. The software labs provide P-SPICE, LABVIEW, MATLAB and Simulation Softwares.

An electronics engineer from our college can be employed in the public and private sector industries and organisations such as ISRO, Indian Telephone Industries, National Physical Laboratories, Visual Media, Civil Aviation and the police wireless departments.

Electronics engineers are also absorbed into the entertainment industry, transmission industry, research establishments, and defence. They can also take up teaching and research in any of the many engineering colleges in India and abroad.